Is Direct to Door Advertising Still Effective?

direct to door advertisingIs Direct to Door Advertising Still Effective?

Having a successful business often boils down to making smart decisions. Have you ever wondered why some businesses take off and others don’t? Imagine two restaurants in your town open around the same time and both offer similar cuisine. After a few short months, one of them is thriving and the other is closing its doors. Why would that be? The successful restaurant didn’t limit itself to one specific method, but rather used a combination of methods, ranging from digital marketing to direct to door advertising. You see, smart businesses understand that outdoor media is still an effective way to advertise.

Just because direct to door advertising is considered an old school method doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Take, for example, dirty dishes. Just because dishwashers are a more innovative way of washing dishes, it doesn’t mean that doing them by hand no longer works. In fact, some people don’t even own a dishwasher. As long as you’re getting results, that’s all that matters.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons that illustrate why direct to door advertising still works in today’s digitally focused world.

Door Hangers are Tangible

A door hanger is a physical piece of “mail” that you can hold in your hands. You interact with it by physically removing it from your door. If it’s a coupon or a promo you’re interested in, chances are it’s going to make it on your fridge. Whereas with digital ads you can just scroll past without having to interact with it.

Direct to Door advertising feels Nostalgic

When something is no longer common it often tends to become romanticised. Conversely, when anything in our culture becomes mainstream it eventually starts to lose appeal and people are often drawn back to things that feel nostalgic. It’s kinda like the saying “everything old is new again”. The truth is that outdoor media marketing methods will never truly go away.

Higher Chances of Brand Awareness

As previously mentioned, you’re more likely to interact with a physical piece of mail. If you hang it on your fridge, it means that every time you open your fridge door you’re going to see that ad. You’re going to see the logo and your brain is going to continue to enforce that connection. With digital marketing a business would have to pay for every time they wanted that connection enforced. With direct to door advertising, they’re only paying the one time to get you to see their ad repetitively.

It Appeals to all Age Demographics

Everyone has a door on their house or apartment. And anyone of any age can receive mail or flyers. The same can not be said for online marketing methods. Not everyone owns technology, nor everyone knows how to operate technology. Digital marketing often misses out on the older demographic.

It Appeals to Multiple Senses

Digital marketing methods can really only appeal to sight and sound, whereas direct to door advertising can appeal to all five senses. Imagine what you could do with a little creativity. You could provide potential customers with multi sensory ads that hit sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. So many more opportunities to stand out and provide your target market with an unforgettable interactive experience.

The bottom line is that all marketing methods have pros and cons. Digital marketing can do things that outdoor media marketing can’t. It’s not to necessarily say that one method is better than another. Oftentimes, the best approach is a comprehensive one. To find out if door hangers may make a good addition to your marketing plan, give us a call today to discuss further.

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