Door Hangers VS Direct Mail: Which is better?

door hangers, direct mailDoor Hangers VS Direct Mail: Which is better?

With so many marketing options available to advertise your business’ products and services how can you be expected to know which one will be effective? The truth is, that most types of campaigns can be effective if implemented correctly. It essentially boils down to choosing the right one for your business. However, when it comes to direct to door advertising, door hangers win out over direct mail. Let’s take a closer look to understand exactly why.

Door Hangers are more cost effective

Door hangers are less expensive than direct mail, so they are a cost effective way for businesses to advertise. This means you can reach more people for the same cost of a direct mail campaign. But you can also run smaller campaigns. You can test out certain ideas on various demographics. It’s easier to do testing when you can do it for a reasonable price. Once you know what works you can always increase your budget.

They’re Harder to ignore

A door hanger is much harder to ignore than a promotion left in your mailbox. The ones left in the mailbox usually get lumped in with other promotions and eventually make their way into the house only to get discarded in the recycling bin as a group. Whereas a promotion hanging on your door typically stands out. You can’t walk in the house without turning your door knob, so there’s really no way to miss the promotion. If it’s eye catching enough you can peek the interest of your potential customer as they slip the promotion off the door handle.

A more personalized feel

Some people will agree that door hangers have a more personal feel to them than direct mail. Direct mail is sent through the post and is mixed in with every other piece of mail or promotion coming your way on a given day. However, a door hanging is personally delivered and hung on your door. Also direct mail can come from anywhere (i.e. out of state) whereas door hangers are typically locally based. That’s an added bonus because potential customers can support local business.

Timely delivery

With a piece of direct mail you’re never sure if it may get lost or delayed in the mail. You may have a promotion coming up, but how will you know if your piece of direct mail made it to your potential customer on time? With door hangers you control that they get delivered since they are being hand delivered. Yes, sometimes there can be little delays, but it’s usually foreseeable and you can plan ahead. It’s also less likely than the delays caused via snail mail.

Making advertising decisions can be difficult. It’s hard to know what will give you the most bang for your buck. As a business owner it’s common to have the belief that you must be an expert at everything. That’s simply not the case. It’s okay to focus on your zone of genius and let the marketing experts focus on theirs. Leave advertising to those who specialize in it. Your only job is to find a reliable company to help you reach your advertising goals. Stateside Marketing can help you achieve those goals with door hangers. Contact us today for a consultation.

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