Why Businesses Love Direct to Door Advertising


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Why businesses love direct to door advertising

Have you ever wondered why some businesses use direct to door marketing when many other businesses are hopping on the digital marketing bandwagon? Maybe it’s because they know something you don’t. The truth is, businesses who use direct to door advertising love it. They understand it’s effectiveness and they see tangible results. So, why fix something when it’s not broken? Here are a few of the many reasons they love it so much.

It’s straightforward and simple

Business owners are busy. They don’t have time to spend time trying to figure out or understand complex marketing plans. Door hangers are simple to understand. They’re no fuss no muss. There’s not even a need for binding or envelopes. They also don’t require tons of information or graphic decisions. They’re simple and to the point.

Relatively cost effective

If you’re a small business or a start-up, you probably don’t have a lot of marketing dollars to spend. So being frugal with your advertising budget is key. Door hangers or flyers are produced for a few coins per item. They’re affordable and accessible to businesses at every stage.

Readily and easily be seen

This is probably one of the biggest selling features for many business owners. Let’s say you spend thousands of dollars on an email campaign. There’s no guarantee that your potential customer will see it. They may just delete without even reading. Same with the flyers that accumulate in your mailbox. They all get lumped together and often go directly in the recycling bin, without even being looked at. A door hanger can not be ignored so easily. It goes on your potential customer’s front door handle. They can’t miss it even if they wanted to as they open the door to get in their house. It’s a sure fire way to get noticed. Now it’s just up to you to maximize that opportunity with a strong offer your potential customer can’t resist.

Targeting the right people

With direct to door advertising you are the one who decides who gets a door hanger. You can send them only to the houses you think are most likely to respond to your offer and can narrow your target customer base by things like gender, family, age, average income, interests, etc. By being specific as you want this will produce better results. And every time you do a campaign you can get more data to help target further on the next campaign.

Easy to produce

This is another big one for businesses. Anything that’s quick and readily accessible is a plus. Some marketing campaigns take weeks or even months to produce. A door hanger is quick and simple. A direct to door campaign can be ready in a matter of days. Imagine you have a promo coming up in the next week and the interest in the product has been low thus far. You’d like to boost sales, but you need to get the word out quickly. A door hanger will do the trick and can be ready before your promo even starts.

Direct to door advertising is a no brainer for most businesses

Most businesses can benefit from a direct to door marketing campaign. It has virtually no barriers to get one up and running quickly, which is why most businesses who have tried it love it and keep using it. It’s easy to get swept up in the digital marketing craze. However, if you’re looking for something quick, that’s tried and tested, consider giving door hangers a try. We’re confident you’ll be hooked.

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