Want more than just a hanging door hanger?


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Want more than just a hanging door hanger?

Have you ever wondered why a door hanger is an effective marketing method? It’s because everyone uses doors to gain access to their home or business. That means that if you get home or to work and see something hanging on your door, you’re going to remove it before entering the premises. It’s kind of hard to ignore.

Some may say that another effective direct to door advertising method is mail. Sure, you can send flyers and direct response mail to your prospective customers, and have it work. No doubt. However, it can be less effective for a couple reasons. For one, all the mail is lumped together in the mailbox, so your advertisement doesn’t stand out. But also, it’s hidden inside the mailbox, which means it doesn’t catch the eye immediately, like a door hanger does. That being said you can’t just hang a promotion on your potential customer’s door and call it a day. You have to be much more strategic if you want to convert them into a paying customer. So, what does a door hanger need to be effective?

Door Hanger Design

You want to make sure that your door hanger design is visually appealing. You only have a few seconds of your prospect’s attention and you want to make it count. Don’t be afraid to stand out and be creative. The point is to get noticed. Try using brightly colored paper or go with a different shape or theme cut out. Be sure to include all the pertinent information like your company logo, your address, phone number, email address and website. Basically, anything that’s going to make it easy for them to find you and buy your product or service.

Coupons work like a charm

People get so caught up in deals sometimes that they’ll buy something they don’t need just because they can get it for a steal. By targeting your potential customers ahead of time, you’ll have a decent idea that the people who get your door hanger may have some interest in your offer. Once you have interest, you need to hook them. A good coupon can do the trick (with the right offer). Add a couple perforated coupons to the bottom of your door hanger, that can be torn off when it comes time to redeem.

It’s all in the Message

Your message is your offer. The number one rule of thumb is keep your message fairly simple and readable. If you write too much you’re going to lose interest fast. You want to say just enough to create interest and pique curiosity. Once you get them in the door, your product or service can speak for itself. In the meantime, your message is the hook that needs to reel them in.

Think outside the box

Direct to door advertising, unlike digital marketing can give you an upper hand. It’s easier to stand out. For example, say you own a lawn care business and you claim that your soil helps flowers grow quicker. You could send a sample with your door hanger so that your potential customers see the quality for themselves. In this case the door hanger would be a bag with the sample contained inside. There are hundreds of different things you could do to catch attention. It could be as simple as making your door hanger a magnet. Don’t overthink it, but also don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Despite what some marketers will have you believe, direct to door advertising is alive and well. And door hangers are an extremely effective and affordable method to get more customers buying your products and services. Contact Stateside Marketing today to get started on an advertising campaign for your business.

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