Reasons Why Door to Door Advertising Isn’t Dead

door to door advertisingReasons Why Door to Door Advertising Isn’t Dead

If you’re a business in the 21st century and you’re trying to advertise your product or service, you’ve probably heard that digital marketing is the way to go. It is the age of the Internet, after all. Before you decide to listen to this advice, please consider the following statement. Door to door advertising is NOT dead. Some marketers would like to have you believe this, but it just simply isn’t the case. Let’s clear things up so you can decide for yourself, the best way(s) to advertise for your business.

Door to Door Advertising is Alive and Well

Yes it’s true, digital marketing is an effective way to advertise. But that doesn’t mean that direct to door isn’t. There’s one truth that can’t be ignored. Just because digital marketing is effective, doesn’t mean that people will physically stop picking up the promotions that are left on their doormat, mailbox or door. For example, if you need to get to work, you have more than one option to get there. You can walk, bike, run, take a car, a bus or a taxi. There’s no one successful way to do something. Options will always provide the solution that’s right for you.

Technology helped improve direct to door advertising

Most people think that technology is responsible for a decline in door to door advertising. The data just simply does not support that. In fact, technology has only helped make this advertising method better and more efficient. With technology you can refine your target market and track your campaigns much more effectively. This means that you can get your promotions in front of the right audience and track the results to refine further for the next campaign. Technology has allowed us to collect demographics and statistics more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Not everyone is online or shops online

It’s a pretty big assumption for marketing agencies to claim that door to door advertising is dead. There are some people who don’t use the Internet, others who prefer to shop local, and those who simply don’t like buying online. If direct to door campaigns just ceased to exist, many businesses would be losing money. Imagine you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer for dinner tonight. You don’t know what to make. You get home and you see a promotion with a great deal on pizza. You’re probably not gonna pass that up. It’s not always about where something is advertised. It’s often about seeing the right ad at the right time. If you don’t send out your promotions, your potential customers will never know what they’re missing.

More accessible than ever

Once upon a time it could easily cost a business a small fortune to print marketing materials. However, with technology constantly evolving it’s more affordable than ever to print promotions. Things like die cuts, full-color printing, tear off coupons, and foil stamps have become affordable to all. This is great news for small businesses because they can now afford to compete. Technology has evened out the playing field for all markets to participate. Direct to door is no exception.

Failure is rarely associated with the method of advertising chosen. If you have a good offer and a good product or service, you’ll be able to sell online or at the door. So, if you’ve been pondering a door to door advertising campaign, now’s the time to call Stateside marketing to find out exactly what we can do to help grow your business.

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