How Direct to Door is Better with Technology


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How Direct to Door is Better with Technology

When most people hear the term direct to door they automatically think of it as being an outdated form of advertising. In today’s technological world, most business owners just overlook door hanger marketing altogether. They assume that digital marketing is where it’s at. That’s just simply not the case. Sure digital marketing is great, but that doesn’t make traditional marketing methods any less powerful. In fact, we could (and will) argue that direct to door advertising is better than ever. And that’s a direct result of technology. Here are 3 ways that show how.

Improved Research

Effective marketing is a result of being able to reach customers when they’re looking for a solution. But how do you know what your potential customers are looking for? Before technological advancements, many businesses would test products and ideas using focus groups. They’d ask a group of people to provide feedback and openly discuss their reactions to the product. We’re not saying that this method is no longer effective. However, it can now be used in conjunction with social media. For example, go hang out in a Facebook group and you can get a lot of answers about what customers are looking for. There are also lots of forums dedicated to feedback on products and services. If you’re willing to do the research, you’ll find lots of data to either support or debunk your idea.

More effective targeting

Just like technology gives us more information on what customers want and need, it also gives us more information about them specifically. If you’re sending a direct to door campaign to every door available in your city, you’re bound to get a poor return on investment. Advertising isn’t a game where the more people you reach the better you’ll do. The key is to send the offer to the right people. Technology has allowed us to pinpoint who our target audiences are. How old they are, where they live, what income bracket they’re in, what they like to do in their spare time, their marital status, etc…

Track and refine

It may come as a surprise, but door hanger marketing response rates are increasing year over year. It’s an unexpected byproduct of the technological age we live in. One of the reasons for this growth is that we can track direct to door campaigns more effectively than ever before. For example, you can use a call tracking method by including a local or toll free number to your promotion. You can also make use of promotional URLs or even coupons or promo codes. When a customer redeems an offer you’ll be able to track their data. Each time this happens, it’s an opportunity for your business to gather more data and refine the target audience further. You can also track the houses that didn’t use your offer. If you want to get even more detailed, you can look for commonalities in those that responded and those that didn’t.

Direct to Door isn’t going anywhere

If you’re a small business and are looking for a cost effective way of advertising your products and services, do not dismiss direct to door marketing. Stop believing those who tell you that door hanger marketing is dead. It’s alive and well and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, the better technology becomes, the better we get too. Just ask any of our happy and satisfied customers who are getting great results. Call us today to try a campaign of your own and see the results for yourself. The data doesn’t lie.

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