Door Hangers Are A Must Have This Season

door hangers, door to door marketingBusinesses are always on the lookout for the best way to promote their products and services. The good news is that there are plenty of options available to get the job done. Unfortunately, that’s also the bad news. With so many choices available, how do you know what method will be right for your business? In the digital age it seems that we’ve somewhat gotten away from printed materials, such as business cards, flyers, and door hangers. In reality though, this is the best time to use this type of marketing strategy. When everyone seems to be going right, go left. The best way to stand out is by not doing what everyone else is doing. So, if you’re looking for a great Fall Promotion for your product or service, door hangers are an excellent choice.

What are door hangers?

Printed door hangers are similar to other printed ads such as flyers, rack cards, and postcards, with the exception of how they’re delivered. Instead of being sent by mail, they are placed on the door handle of your potential customer’s door. This is referred to as door to door marketing.

How is it effective?

This is extremely effective for a few reasons:
Location – It’s easy to bypass a bunch of flyers on your doorstep, but it’s not easy to miss a door hanger. There’s no missing it when you turn the door handle to get into your house. It would be pretty hard to miss.

Separation – You don’t have to worry about it getting lumped in with other pieces of mail. By being placed on the door it ensures its separation from all other materials you may receive.

Interaction – By strategically placing it on the door you’re forcing the potential customer to remove it from the handle which guarantees at least some form of interaction with the piece.

The tricky part is making sure that what’s printed on the door hanger is a strong enough offer to entice the customer. The door hanger does the job of getting your customer’s attention, so you must use that opportunity wisely.

What makes a good campaign?

There are a few tips you can follow to ensure better results:
• Use a heavy card stock to avoid your hanger being blown away before your potential customer even sees it
• Create an enticing offer that gives them a reason to come check you out. In other words get them in the door.
• Use design to your advantage to make sure it catches the eye
• Use compelling copy to get them hooked on what you have to say
• Be persistent. Door hangers are cheaper than most other print materials, so don’t be afraid to extend your campaign length
• Make everything as simple as you can for your customer. The lower the barrier the higher chance of getting the sale

Use Fall to your advantage

Fall is a great time to offer your customers a promotion. With all the various holidays there are plenty of ways to entice your customer. Some campaign ideas you can run with include, Early Bird Holiday, End of Summer, Winter is coming, Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. You can customize any of those promotion ideas and come up with a special deal for your customers.

Door to door marketing and door hangers are a fantastic way to get your product or service in front of your potential customers eyes. All you need is a great fall promotion to catch their interest and the door hanger will do the rest.

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