Direct Mail or Door Hangers? Which is more successful?

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Direct Mail or Door Hangers? Which one is more successful?

When it comes to marketing, business owners are always looking for methods that will provide them with the best bang for their buck. The problem in today’s digital world is that there are so many methods to choose from. You can pretty much market on any social media platform, but how do you know which method works best for your business? Trying out the various methods could become a very costly experiment. So rather than fiddle with all the digital solutions, why not stick to what’s been tried and true? The only question now remains: door hangers or direct mail? Which one works best?

What’s the difference between door hangers and direct mail?

Before we go any further, let’s make sure everyone understands the difference between these two marketing methods.

Door Hangers – As the name implies, a door hanger is literally a piece of marketing material that is die-cut, often in a rectangular shape, and hangs from the door knob or handle at the entrance of a home.

Direct Mail – Direct mail is a piece of marketing material that is sent through the mail via standard or 1st class postage. It is not a piece of mail that the recipient has solicited.

In which ways do these methods work the same?

In both cases the business or person sending the door hanger or piece of direct mail is trying to get the recipient to take notice of an offer the business is promoting. Say a furniture store is having a sale and they want to bring customers in to increase foot traffic on the day of the sale. The business could easily send out a door hanger or a direct mailer to their target audience. Both marketing methods could be effective, as they’re both print materials. This means it’s an even playing field when it comes to messaging or design. The winner will come down to which business has the more creative design or compelling offer.

In which ways are the methods different?

Door hangers do have a slight advantage. Despite both being printed materials, the door hanger has the upper hand. As far as door to door marketing goes, door hangers have a higher likelihood of getting a prospective customer to take notice. The reason is simple. A direct mailer goes in the mailbox along with the rest of the junk mail and treated as such. Often times the direct mail is put in the garbage or recycling without even a second glance.

The door hangers on the other hand have to be physically removed from the door handle, so there’s a much greater chance of the customer’s attention being sparked by something they see on the marketing piece. This is huge for business owners as they can almost guarantee that eyes will land on their promo. However it’s up to the business and his or her marketing team to ensure that the piece is attention worthy.

The other difference is that door hangers are distributed by foot and direct mailers usually via a postal system. The door to door marketing method of door hangers often ends up being more cost effective.

Which method comes out on top?

While both methods are effective ways of converting prospects into new customers, the door hangers come out on top. Both because they have a higher likelihood of being seen and because the campaigns are usually more cost effective. If you’d like to try a campaign to test it out for yourself, give us a call at Stateside Marketing and we’d love to get you started.

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