door to door advertisingIt’s not luck, it’s door to door advertising

Business owners are always looking for new ways to bring in more business. They’ll try a variety of marketing methods and see what works and what doesn’t work. Occasionally, they’ll find something that works well for their business and they’ll chalk it up to luck. Well, when it comes to door to door advertising, it’s not about luck at all. There’s a reason it works for businesses. For starters, this marketing method has been around for many years. Even in the digital age, door hanging campaigns continue to bring businesses great results. So, why does it continue to work so well?

door hangingDoor Hanging: A suit and tie kinda job, I think not

Door hanging is considered an effective marketing strategy. It’s fairly inexpensive, it’s designed to stand out from other marketing materials, it can be targeted, and it’s easy to track. From a business perspective, direct to door marketing is a great choice. However, have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes? How do those door hangers get made? How do they get delivered? Let’s take a closer look behind the scenes.