Real-Time Tracking for Door to Door Marketing

door to door marketing, door hangersReal-Time Tracking for Door to Door Marketing

What is real-time tracking?

Real-Time tracking is being able to watch, monitor and manage your delivery from the comfort of your own desktop. Every carrier has a pager like device that will send in a signal every 1-3 minutes leaving a crumb trail of where they have delivered. You will see your door hangers taken to the door.

How does it work?

Or clients, field management, and our in-house monitoring staff will use the real-time system to watch and manage door to door marketing campaigns.

For our clients, we provide a user-friendly link that shows a time stamped crumb trail of each carrier as your campaign has been executed. This allows you to see your delivery without having to leave your office, you can see what street they are on, and even the address! We encourage our clients to go out and spot check their delivery.

For our field management, this helps them locate carriers, keep track of production speeds to ensure timely delivery, make sure all team members stay within your designated delivery foot-print, identify any potential distribution issues, and rectify any concerns.

For our in-house monitoring staff, we utilize the real-time tracking for a double check on individual carriers and our field management. We monitor start and end times, calculate daily production counts of door hangers and cross check with in field inventory. We are also managing client reporting, quality of distribution and identifying immediately if any shortcuts are taken.

Why is real-time tracking beneficial for door hangers?

Without real-time tracking how can you ensure your door hangers are being delivered? Where is the accountability? Sure, you can have a field manager out in the field, but how will they find the individual carrier and how can they follow 5-8 people all at once? Real-time tracking allows you to see it all as if you were out there in the field, all while watching from your computer.

What tracking do other companies utilize?

Be aware of what other companies call “real-time tracking”. There are many GPS tracking devices out there, most of which capture latitude longitude coordinates, but these are plotted on a map after delivery takes place, or there is a delay in tracking. These log data on a door to door marketing campaign, not real time. Sure, this type of tracking can be effective but with a feed coming back every 1-3 minutes this helps identify and rectify issues almost immediately.

Go to our website to see for yourself how our real-time tracking works and the awesome functionality and capabilities!

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